Dear OTS ,
I obtained my settlement ILR, short after I changed my name by official document Deed Poll .I followed home office guidelines to change my name on BRP by NTL application form with premium service in home office.My application was refused in order to not having a valid travel document with my new name on it(old travel document was expired while it was in the home office) .I applied for new travel document providing a covering letter,BRP and deed poll for obtaining a new travel document with my new name on it . I just received a refusal letter too . They advised me to apply for new BRP first if I have changed my name which I have done at the first point. I would like to know what action should consider in this case.

I appreciate your help and advise in advance .

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Thank you for your question. You seem to be in a ‘what comes first, the chicken or the egg?”’ situation with the Home Office. Please phone our office as we will have to phone or write a letter to the Home Office on your behalf to sort out your situation.

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