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I was born in the United Kingdom in Oldham, in 1983, I lived with my parents in Stoke-on-Trent till 1989 when I was almost 7 years old. When my parents decided to return us (my younger sister and I) to Nigeria. We were both traumatized by this move as young children but we didn't have any choices. Well., now both my parents and late and I would like to return fully to my birth country for a shot at a better life. How can you help my case? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and warm regards.

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Thank you for your question. As you were born in the UK and lived in the country until the age of seven, you may be considered a British Citizen, however this is answer is only for information purposes. Without further instructions we can not give you any further information. You may need to obtain your UK birth certificate and apply for a British Passport through the British High Commission in Abuja.

To find out more, please phone our office or get in touch through our contact page, and we would be happy to help you further.

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