Hello, I am a Russian getting married to an Italian working in the UK. Would it be difficult to get a family permit for me after the marriage considering that we have never lived together, especially in the light of Brexit? My future husband's income is higher than the legally required in the UK to sponsor a visa for a non-EU spouse. I have also completed a postgraduate degree in the UK. Thank you.

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Thank you for your question. Family members of EU nationals wishing to come to the UK may need to go through a two-stage process. First they may have to apply for a EU Family Permit from outside the UK. An EU Family Permit will generally be issued for five years and allows the applicant to work and travel in the UK free from restrictions.
The conditions that must be met to obtain a family permit as a spouse are:
• the EU citizen who is sponsoring you must be exercising their Treaty rights in the UK (through being employed, self-Employment, in study or self- sufficient)
• you must be legally married to each other and the marriage must be recognised by the UK
• you must have met each other (this is to prevent forced marriages)
• you must intend to live together
You may then need to apply for a Residence Card as the family member of an EU citizen.

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