I have been made redundant 2 months ago after 2.5 years working on ICT Tier 2 Visa. I married to a British Citizen 2 weeks ago and would like to apply for dependent visa. Is it possible to use redundancy payment as cash savings? I had 50k as cash savings 6 months prior to the application and received c30k as redundancy payment 2 months ago.

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Thank you for your question. You may use your redundancy payment as cash savings to make up the shortfall if your sponsoring spouse earns less than £18,600. The basic concept when working out how much savings you need is that your sponsor must have £16,000 + 2.5x the difference between your salaried income and the £18,600 minimum threshold in savings. Therefore, if your spouse is earning £10,000 per annum you may need £33,200 to apply for a UK spouse visa. The savings must be in your account for at least six months before you submit your application.

The income threshold and cash savings requirements can be complicated.

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