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My Mrs is on a suppose visa here which is due for renewal in few months but due to clash in personalities I have decided we ain't dutiable for each other anymore. I have property under my brother and I name and it has always been a family home even before marriage initially under my sister and I name and then my and my brother etc.and she transfers the ownership to my and my brother name on condition that she will have half of share when we sell the property and raining half can be split equally between us . We even have written and signed my all of us. My Mrs working full time but never contributed a single penny what is my stance in this regards. Can someone please advise

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Thank you for your enquiry. You appear to be raising a number of issues in respect to divorce and Immigration. Your wife’s entitlement unless legally agreed will be limited to an entitlement of your share of any property that you jointly own with your brother. It would be good if I could establish further facts in your matter in order to advise you fully, in particular it will be relevant to know whether you have children or not. I will try to contact you shortly in order to discuss your matter further.

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