I have switched to Tier-2 General visa as a main applicant from tier-2 dependent on July 20th 2017 with priority service. Since there is a significant problem in my Cos my case been treated as non standard application. It has been escalated to concern department on Aug 21st 2017. I have told to wait for 15 working days to know the outcome of the escalation process. My employer has contacted to pay remaining ISC charges and he did it on the same day. I have followed up and called them couple of times no proper response. I am working on critical project right now at offshore. My concern is my current tier-2 dependent visa will valid till I am getting my tier-2 General visa. Am I eligible to work at offshore with my UK employer. Is there any restrictions to work,/ getting salary at offshore

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry.

From the information you have given, you should have not applied in country, as Tier 2 dependent cannot switch in country. As this is a very delicate matter, we will not be comfortable to give you any advice without speaking to you and getting your full instructions. 

We will contact you shortly.

Please note, this answer cannot be taken as a legal advice until we have your full instructions. The answer provided above is for information purposes only, if you would like to proceed to full legal advice and consultation with our Immigration Solicitors, please let us know your availability for an appointment by contacting us on 0207 936 9960 or through our contact form.

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