I was refused HSMP extension because they said I had not maintained my bank balance which isn't true .. I guess they just wanted a reason to throw me out of the country.

I abode my law and paid my taxes never asked for government help. Unlike other illegal immigrants and refugees I was working hard and paid my taxes.Being a woman I could have opted for illegal ways to stay in the uk but mt principle didn't allow me.

When I got a decision which came in 2nd October, 2009 that my application was dismissed I returned home back to delhi (india) since then I'm not able to live in peace it had left me with lot of damages.

Is there any way I can appeal against the descison? I only wanted to live a good life by working hard which isn't possible here in india for me.

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Thank you for your enquiry.

This is a complicated matter and we will need further information from you before we can advise any further.

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