Labour commits to abolish immigration detention centres as provisional figures show wrongful Windrush removals

During the initial disclosures made by the then Home Secretary Amber Rudd as the Windrush scandal broke, it was asserted that there was nothing to suggest that any members of the Windrush generation had been wrongly removed from the UK. Evidently, things have moved on, and the new Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, has reported provisional figures to the Home Affairs Select Committee suggesting that at least 63 people with the right to be in the UK as part of the Windrush generation may have been wrongly removed from the UK.

Investigations into 8,000 removals

The figures were revealed following investigations into 8,000 records of removals from the UK of people over the age of 45. Mr Javid has confirmed that he has instructed “…officials to be absolutely certain and thorough and check over every record and make sure." As one of the most highly recommended immigration law firms in London handling a number of claims by members of the Windrush generation, it comes as no surprise to hear that people have been wrongfully removed from the UK. We share Yvette Cooper’s concern that there remain “many unanswered questions” arising from this.

Labour commits to closing immigration detention centres

Following the disclosure by Mr Javid, shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has announced Labour’s commitment to close two of the most notorious immigration detention centres, Yarls Wood in Bedford, and Brook House in Croydon. 

Those who have no permission to remain in the UK and are unable to obtain immigration bail often find themselves in an immigration detention centre. Part of the hostile environment, a strategic policy designed to encourage people without permission to be in the UK to leave voluntarily, immigration detention centres offer little comfort to those who are forced to stay they, often for many months while departure arrangements are finalised. Brook House was recently in the news following a spike of violence lead to a dramatic increase in the use of force there.

The closures would be part of a package to stamp out the hostile environment policy that has been pursued by the Conservative government. The money the closures would generate would be put towards supporting victims of modern slavery, trafficking and domestic violence.

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