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By Oshin Shahiean, managing partner at OTS Solicitors 

According to the latest available UK census figures, there were about 197,000 USA born citizens resident in the UK at the time of the census. 

Tuesday, 08 January, 2019

By Oshin Shahiean, managing partner at OTS Solicitors 

You suddenly realise that a deadline is looming and your visa will expire. This is usually when we get a call to ask if and how a visa can be extended.

Wednesday, 02 January, 2019

It has been a busy period for top London immigration solicitors with the recent announcements from the Immigration Minister, Caroline Nokes, on a range of new Immigration measures including:

• The introduction of the Start –up visa. This visa was first announced in June; and 

Thursday, 27 December, 2018
Tier 1 Entrepreneur

By Ms. Saida Ahmed and Ms. Bhavini Bhatt of OTS Solicitors

Friday, 07 December, 2018

After a very hectic couple of days at the London Business Show 2018 we are now back at the offices of OTS Solicitors looking back on a very busy few days.  We never realised that talking business could be such fun but with OTS Solicitors attending, exhibiting and speaking at the UK’s biggest business show with its 25,000 visitors we all thoroughly enjoyed the event. We will be booking our tickets and stand for the London Business Show 2019.

Thursday, 29 November, 2018
The UK has always been a hugely popular destination for South African nationals – something that many of the best immigration lawyers in London are very much aware of as they regularly advise South African nationals on the various visa routes that are available to them. Statistics suggest that in 2017, there were 210,000 people born in South Africa who were living in the UK. This makes up almost a quarter of South Africans living overseas.
Monday, 13 August, 2018

Highly ranked as a Legal 500 recommended immigration law firm handling business immigration matters, OTS Solicitors has an excellent track record representing Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa clients planning to set up new business in the UK.

Friday, 13 July, 2018

If your Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa has been refused, you have the option to apply for administrative review of the visa refusal decision. Administrative review is a way of challenging a refusal of a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa under the points-based system.

Monday, 09 July, 2018

business immigration law is a complex field – and for many companies and businesses in the UK, advice from immigration solicitors is a regular requirement.

Monday, 02 July, 2018
With the World Cup in full swing, OTS Solicitors were delighted to be invited to attend the Russian Chambers of Commerce World Cup social on the 19th June at the Intercontinental Hotel London Park Lane. Not only did the evening provide a great opportunity for us to meet new people and develop connections, we were able to join with others to celebrate Russia’s great 3:1 win over Egypt!
Optimism within the Russian business community
Friday, 22 June, 2018
What are the Immigration options for a US business wishing to setup in the UK? As some of the best immigration lawyers in London, we look at the different visa routes available for US companies looking to establish a presence in the UK and ensure that key workers can work in the UK.
Tuesday, 19 June, 2018

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, OTS Solicitors were thrilled to have been awarded the business immigration Firm of the Year - UK award by Corporate Insider. The award itself has now arrived, reminding us of what a great honour this is - real recognition of all the hard work the team has put in since 2014 when OTS Solicitors was founded by Oshin Shahiean and Teni Shahiean.

Friday, 15 June, 2018
start-up visa London Tech Week
The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, chose London Tech Week to announce a new ‘start-up’ visa route that is expected to be open from Spring 2019. immigration solicitors have welcomed the new route, which is designed to encourage more entrepreneurs to come to the UK to set up businesses here.
Thursday, 14 June, 2018

We are always happy to receive feedback from our clients about our legal services. These are some of the wonderful words our clients have to say about us:

Wednesday, 13 June, 2018
Business Man Working Under Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

One of the main requirements for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa under the UK immigration rules relates to the investment funds required for which there are two separate categories.

Wednesday, 13 June, 2018

The Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich, is facing a delay in respect of his visa renewal, amid claims that he may have to reveal the source (or sources) of his wealth before he can enter the UK on a new Tier 1 visa. 

Review of the funds of Russian Tier 1 visa holders

Tuesday, 22 May, 2018
Obtaining a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is a complex process involving forward planning and careful preparation. With the help of an experienced Immigration lawyer to advise and support you through the process, you have every chance of succeeding in your application.
Wednesday, 02 May, 2018
Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Image

By Saida Ahmed, of OTS Solicitors

According to 2014 statistics, since the introduction of the Genuine Entrepreneur Test in 2013, up to 50% of Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa applications are refused. 

Saturday, 28 April, 2018
Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Image

By Kasia Janucik, of OTS Solicitors

Friday, 27 April, 2018
Legal Statue
The firm
Wednesday, 18 April, 2018
Boot.Academy services for start-ups and Tier 1 Entrepreneurs

There has never been a better time in history to launch or invest in a tech start-up.  The culture of work has undergone a dramatic shift in the last ten years.  Sparked off by the 2008 financial crisis, many people are rejecting the traditional ‘safe’ path of spending eight hours a day trapped in a cubicle, and instead choosing to launch their own venture, giving them not only control over their lives but also their earning potential.  In addition, these dynamic innovators are creating sustainable jobs, and providing a service which benefits the wider community.

Friday, 16 March, 2018

It is with great anticipation and pleasure that we can let you know that due to our rapid growth and expansion we have now taken further offices in Chancery Lane.  Please note that from the 12th of March 2018 we will see all of our clients at our new offices located at 25 Southampton Buildings WC2A 1AL.

Your loyal business and support is one of the main reasons why we have grown so rapidly over the years. We look forward to seeing you at our new address.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning the new location or our services.

Thursday, 08 March, 2018
Business people shaking hands

During the application process for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, Immigration officials will seek assurance from your business plan and interview that you have an understanding of UK employment law.  Part of the requirement for being granted an extension on your Tier 1

Thursday, 08 March, 2018

From all the Solicitors and teams at OTS Solicitors, we welcome everyone into the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dog!

Friday, 16 February, 2018

OTS Solicitors is highly recommended in the Legal 500 for Immigration and Human Rights law.  We have also been selected by the 2017 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Trusted in immigration law: UK.  We provide the best legal advice to businesses and individuals throughout the UK, South East Asia, Russia and the Middle East.

Tuesday, 13 February, 2018

Location: City of London offices [Fleet Street/Chancery Lane]

Salary: Competitive and Bonus Package 

Type: Full-time

The firm:

Saturday, 06 January, 2018
Files and documents

By Teni Shahiean, of OTS Solicitors

Tuesday, 28 November, 2017
Houses of Parliament

OTS Solicitors is highly recommended in the Legal 500 for Immigration and Human Rights law.  We have also been selected by the 2017 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Trusted in immigration law: UK.  We provide the best legal advice to businesses and individuals throughout the UK and the Middle East.

Wednesday, 22 November, 2017
Image of visa for immigration law

R (on the application of Anjum) v Entry Clearance Officer, Islamabad (Entrepreneur – business expansion – fairness generally) [2017] UKUT 00406 (IAC)

Wednesday, 25 October, 2017
r Lusine Navasardyan at an event organised by the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

OTS business immigration specialist spoke at an event organised by the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce last week.  They gave insight to the audience on the impact Brexit may have on Romanian businesses in the UK.  

Monday, 16 October, 2017
OTS Solicitors Ranked In The Legal 500

OTS Solicitors is proud to announce it has been ranked in the Legal 500.

It is almost unprecedented that a firm established only two and half years ago has made it into this prestigious publication.

Thursday, 12 October, 2017
Business Man Applying for Tier 1 Visa

For talented people looking to work or start a new venture in the UK, it can be difficult to decide between applying for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa or a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa.  Both provide a path to settlement and an ability to reach professional goals in the thriving UK market.

Friday, 11 August, 2017
International Talent in The Technology Sector

By Oshin Shahiean of OTS Solicitors

The tech sector in the UK has had plenty to be concerned about since Britain voted to leave the EU back in June 2016.  For an industry which thrives and depends on being able to quickly recruit the most creative, well-educated talent from all over the globe to ensure they can quickly scale-up when opportunities present themselves, the UK’s now imminent departure from the EU presents a serious challenge.

Friday, 04 August, 2017

Those applying for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa may feel slightly intimidated by what is involved in the Genuine Entrepreneur Test.  Especially the interview, which is conducted by Immigration officials who will seem determined to find holes in your business plan.

Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

The sun is shining and many people are off for their summer holidays.  This tends to be a time of year where people relax in the warm weather and start making plans for September, when the business world kicks into high gear again.

Friday, 07 July, 2017
Tier 1 Entrepreneur Business Man image

For most busy, creative entrepreneurs, writing a business plan is a necessary evil.  Working out your future business plans and how you will achieve them is exciting; spending hours drafting a document is not.

Wednesday, 03 May, 2017