Complex Individual Immigration

My husband and I had seen two Solicitors from different firms regarding the individual immigration. As our case is quite difficult, there were several questions on which the answer we would get would be unclear or the solicitors would ask for sometime to get us the answer. There was a sense of uncomfort for us when trying to know in details the possibility of us getting IRL.
We were really lucky to have met Ms. najma Ali (Third Solicitor). We asked her in details about our situation and were pleasantly surprised by the wealth of knowledge she had about all the latest immigration policies. She even gave us two unique ideas that have made us at ease with our situation. This is why finally we have found the perfect firm that will look into our case.
This firm truely is one of the best firms in UK (If not the best firm).
Thank you very much OTS Solicitors and especially Ms. Najma Ali.


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Complex Individual Immigration

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Dr. Siddiqui