Dear OTS Team, I'm From India , And i have done my Bachelors in commerce. I have been into my dad's textile retail business for 9 years till now. I'm looking to buy a convenience store in the UK and run the business by investing in stocks of that business. I would like to know that is it possible for me to be a eligible candidate to obtain a T1 entrepreneur visa to Take over a Convenience store and settle in the UK. ? I have also access to 200000 pounds which will be a loan from my father. Please suggest me which route should i choose and what to do next.


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Dear Sir, you would be eligible to apply for the a T1 entrepreneur visa if you have access to £200,000 which is readily available to you. In your instance, from a third party, your father. You can invest by way of share capital in your chosen business venture should you wish. A member of OTS Solicitors shall contact you to discuss the requirements of the visa in more detail and to provide a thorough explanation of our services.  

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