Dear Sir/ Madame,
I would like to inquire a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa for my brother who is currently living in USA.
My partner and I have a saving of 200K to invest in a property business ( to buy auctioned houses, refurbish and to resell ). We would like to act as a sponsor for my brother to manage that business as a business partner.
My brother has a MBA ( Marketing ) and he has done his own logistics company in USA.
Please advice us how to proceed and regarding your firm's initial consultation fees and processing fees until he secured visa.
Thank you.

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your question.

Your brother would need to meet the financial requirement by showing that he has access to 200k of investment funds which are disposable in the UK.

I would like to make you aware that buying and selling property would not be an acceptable business idea for the Tier 1 entrepreneur application and therefore is likely to be unsuccessful. The closest acceptable business idea for the property industry would be for example, interior design, architecture, construction.

[This question has been successfully answered by our lawyers in a private e-mail]