Dear sir / madame
I have lived in uk for continuously 12 years and 8months
And married to a EEA national for 5 years and 7 months , and have valid EEA family visa till april 2019.
My visa was refused for false representation in the past 9 years and 8 months ago ,
I have appllied for the ILR 10 years but was refused on ground that past deception and gap of 32 days , home office accept my marriage genueine and substantial.and my wife works in uk. Unfortunatley my marriage is on the breaking point for sometimes, my wife want to return to her country after Brexit . Not sure what to do now. .my wife wants to start devorce marriage is over 5 years now . Its very defficult to get retain right from home office , and no legal representative have a clear answer , what can i do ? Tnx

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for the immigration enquiry.

As you have been married to your partner for over 5 years and have thus been a family member of an EEA National, you may be in a position to apply for Permanent Residence. Your past immigration history, however, does seem to be problematic. As such, we will need further information from you in order to advise you accordingly.

Our Immigration Solicitors will contact you shortly.

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