Dear Sir/Madam, I moved to UK with my family on Tier 2 in 2008 and we all obtained ILR in 2013. All my family members then naturalized in 2015. I couldn't apply for naturalization at that time as I had an unspent criminal record for giving false information to police on a driving accident incident. I was fined for that and the record was spent in December 2015. Can I apply for the citizenship now and what are the chances of getting the citizenship please? I don't have any other convictions (not even a speeding ticket) other than this stupid act since birth. I've been a taxpayer since 2008 and working for the same organization I've joined in 2008. Also, I'm actively involved in running two charities. Your help with this will be very much appreciated.

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Thank you for your enquiry.  You may be able to make an application for Citizenship in the UK however, this will depend on your circumstances and whether you meet the requisite requirements.  We would need to have further information regarding your fine in 2015 in order to fully advise.  Please kindly contact our offices on 020 3959 9123 and we would be happy to discuss your matter in further detail during an initial consultation. 

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