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My question is regarding the section 9.5 of Annex D of the Good Character requirement. Could you please let me know if the following statement from the Annex also applies to someone who have received a refugee status as result of claiming asylum on arrival .Also could you please let me know if there is any discretion for this.I am planning to apply for citizenship but I am not sure if I am eligible.
"In circumstances where an applicant entered the UK illegally, an application for citizenship should normally be refused for a period of 10 years from the date of entry, if it is known. If it is not known, the period of 10 years starts from the date on which the person first brought themselves to or came to the attention of the Home Office."

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Thank you for your enquiry.

This may effect your citizenship application. However we will need further information from you, such as your activities in the UK from the date you entered the UK.

Someone will be in touch with you shortly to see how we can help you further.

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