Good afternoon.
I applied for British naturalisation end of March 2017, got a refusal end of July due to a procedure error. They said I was absent on a certain date 5 years back from the date of the application, which is not true, as I was in the UK on that day. I then submitted a reconsideration letter immediately and attached an evidence ( bank statement) which proves I was in the UK on that date they said I was not. So clearly a mistake from HO side. I then wrote and phoned them to make sure they at least received my request, also money - 321 GBP was successfully taken from my bank account. Also, I know that there is no time frame for a reconsideration request to be processed. So basically I can now end up waiting forever for my decision? Is there any way around it at all? thanks

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Dear Elena,

Thank you for your immigraton enquiry.

It would be helpful to meet with you to get some further details from you in relation to your enquiry in order to give you the appropriate legal advice. However, on the basis of what you have advised it would appear that the issue with your original application is not necessarily a procedural error but that the Home Office have not accepted the evidence that you have provided as sufficient evidence that you are in the country. Although a bank statement may indicate that you are in the country, alone this well not necessarily be sufficient evidence. If this is the case then it may not be possible to address the matter with a reconsideration request and it may be necessary to submit a fresh application for naturalisation. Furthermore, as you rightly pointed out there is no timescale for a reconsideration to be dealt with so it could be a significant period of time before you get a response to your request and it is possible that the Home Office may refused to reconsider my application. If you are able to come in to our office and bring the documents that you submitted with your previous application and the letter with the reasons for refusal of your application I will be able to go through these and give you detailed advice as to the best route to you obtaining British naturalisation in your case.

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