My spouse is a European national from Estonia. She has been working in London full-time since September 2015.

I am a citizen of the USA - we have moved to the UK from France where we were residing for 5 years.

I am having a challenge of proving Right to Work to my prospective employers who have asked me for a visa or residence card which I do not hold.

It is my understanding that under Directive 2004/38/EC of the European Parliament that as she is exercising her treaty rights in the UK, these rights extend to me as a family member.

This is not being accepted by my prospective employers who require some documentation.

I have applied for a residence card but this will take time and I do not wish to lose the job.

Could you please advise and provide support?

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Thank you for your question. Did you apply for an EU Family Permit when you entered the UK? You may be able to use this as proof of your right to reside and work in the UK.
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