Hello, could you kindly advice on my daughter’s eligibility for a British passport? She was born in 2017, however my family has been living in the UK for years and we returned to the UK a month after her birth. My husband, her father, is a British citizen registered under section 3.1 of the 1981 act. He was born in Uganda and registered when he was 14 years old, at the same time his mother applied for a British passport. His mother is currently a British citizen born in the UK to Ugandan parents. At the time of my husband’s birth, she was in possession of a Ugandan passport, and we know that Uganda did not allow dual citizenship. Based on this, how can we prove that my mother in law was not a British citizen at the time of my husband’s birth, so that my daughter can get a British passport?

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Dear Madam, thank you for your citizenship enquiry with OTS Solicitors. Your query raises complex issues which would be happy to address with you. In order to achieve the best resolution to your query, a legal advisor from OTS shall be in contact you with shortly.

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