Hello. I am impressed with all the reviews and i hope your firm can extend me the proper help and avise. I am an asylum seeker but my application is not successful, been to appeal process but just recently i received the decision which is again unsuccessfull and my appeal rights already been exhausted. Just recently i received a letter from the home office that i need to report to the police station in compliance with my immigration bail( i'd been reporting previously) but not i intend not to go for the fear that i might get detained or deport. I have a british partner and it was included in my application as well but both grounds were not considered.i am in very depressing state at the moment thinking that any time the authorities will going to chase me.Need your advise pls. Many thanks.

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Good afternoon, 

Many thanks for your enquiry.

I note the information you provided and your interest in the Asylum and human rights process . Please note that the question is rather wide and there are a range of options available to you. Therefore the best way to proceed would be to contact our offices.

Our Immigration Solicitors will contact you shortly.

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