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I need to check what the issue may be - my wife to be has ILR in the UK, and says she is 2 years or so from applying for nationality.
I am a UK citizen now working and living in the Netherlands, but she is hesitant about marrying and moving here to be with me - as says it may start her British Citizenship status all over again? I did say that as long as we are still part of the EU - she would just be marrying me as a Brit - but she quoted me something about not living outside the UK for 90 days or such? Could I get some specific advice from over here somehow - what details do I need from her, in terms of dates and such?

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Thank you for your enquiry.

In order to Naturalise in the UK (under the 5 year residence route), an applicant must have lived in the UK lawfully in the last five years, must have held ILR for at least 12 months prior to the date of the application, must not have been absent from the UK for more than 450 days in the last 5 years and must not have been absent for more than 90 days in the 12 months before the date of the application. 

Of course, there are exemptions for absences and we can advise you in detail during a consultation. We charge £150+VAT for a consultation which will last one hour. 

 Someone will be in touch with you shortly to see how we can help you further.

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