Hi, an Iranian female came to the uk on student visa in 2010, but as she converted to Christianity, she made an asylum case and granted 5 years to remain refugee status, however undergoing some difficulties and trauma during and after asylum and during the 5 years, she got more ill and more isolated, and it's been a few years that she's been awarded PIP and ESA regarding her mental health issues. She applied for ILR in December 2016, and then she received a letter from the Home office to send more supporting documents confirming her activities and involvement in church and showing her practicing Christianity. As a result of her sickness she's not doing any of these Does the home office accept it or they would refuse her for ILR? Traumatic events happened in uk, made her severely depressed

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Thank you for your enquiry. 

When someone makes an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK under the Protection Route, the Home Office can if they wish, reassess the situation in the Applicant's country of nationality. They can also ask for evidence from the Applicant to demonstrate that they continue to fear persecution as a result of their change in faith. 

In such situations, it is important to liaise with the Home Office adequately to ensure they understand the current circumstances of the Applicant applying for settlement. In your situation, it is paramount that you provide detailed information to the Home Office about the medical issues as well as evidence of the fact that you continue to fear persecution in Iran owing to your change in faith. 

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