Hi, My dad and sister jointly want to apply for immigration Tier 1. My dad is running business in India in technology field. He is electronics engineer and my sister is MBA HR manager and works in HR firm. They want to buy child day nursery business with me as I am teacher. They have 200k funds. kindly advice can they get Tier 1 even though they dont have experience running child nursery in India? How can your company assist them?

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Prior experience in a particular field is not a pre-requisite for a Tier 1 visa, though experience or background understanding of the industry does help particular with answering questions on interview and in satisfying the genuine entrepreneur test.  Our expert Business Immigration advisors can provide comprehensive assistance for those seeking to obtain settlement through investment in an existing business or launch a start-up in the UK. A member of the team will contact you for a more further in-depth discussion of our services. 

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