I am on Tier 2 general visa eligible for ILR soon but confused on when should I go for same day ILR appointment.

I have made my application from outside the UK,

1. Stamping done on the “5th-Feb-2013”
2. Entered UK on the “17th-Feb-2013”
3. Started work on “1st-May-2013” due to delay in assignment.

Now what I am trying to understand is, If I am eligible for ILR

1. On the “5th-Feb-2018”
2. On the “17th-Feb-2018”
3. On the “1st-May-2018”

Any help is much appreciated and Thanks in advance

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Dear Sirs/Madam, the eligibility for Tier 2 ILR is not worked out based on the stamps into your passport or the date you official began working for your sponsor. We would be happy to provide you advice on your eligibility for Tier 2 ILR during a legal consultation with one of our Business Immigration legal advisors. 

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