hi,my aplication for citizenship has being refused in 2010 coz i didnt know i had a criminal record at that time,i payed fines for my two driving convictions ,and there for ididnt know it is a criminal record for 5 years,now i dont have any but i dont know if i have the chance to re aply again,i would really apreciate if you could help me or advise me pleas.thanks

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Thank you for your question. One of the criteria for applying for British Citizenship is that the applicant must be of 'good character'. The Home Office will consider a criminal record when assessing an applicants 'character' and may refuse British Citizenship if the applicant has a criminal record. However, as the offence you committed is relatively minor and you did not receive a custodial sentence, you may be successful in your application if you apply again, especially given that six years have passed (provided you have not received any other convictions in that time). Our Immigration Solicitors can assist you with your application for British Citizenship and ensure a strong case for approval is made, despite the previous refusal.

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