My situation: I am applying for a Permanent Residence document after having resided in the UK for 5 years (initial 3 years as a student and final 2 years as a worker).
Question: What documentation am I supposed to provide as proof of my financial resources during my student years (first 3 years of my stay in the UK)? I was supported by my parents and I could provide monthly bank statements showing receival of funds. Would that alone be sufficient? Do I have to provide my parents' bank statements, as well? Thant would be problematic, as their bank does not issue bank statements that go back that long.
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Thank you for your question.

As a student, it is likely that you were exercising your Treaty rights and may not need to show proof of finances for that period, only proof of study. You will need to show that you have comprehensive sickness insurance during the years that you were a student.

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