Hi I came to the UK in Nov 2012 as Student. I paid comprehensive Sickness Insurance until Jan 2014 then I stopped because I had a part time job (since Sept 2013). I worked part time until Aug 2014 and I have full time job since then. If I continue to work until next year when I will have 5 years of living here, can I apply for Permanent Residence? Does the part time job count as eligibility for Permanent Residence? I have seen on websites that as student you need to pay Comprehensive sickness insurance to qualify for Permanent Residence but what about if you have a part time job as well? I am only concerned for that period when I was working part time if that still counts.

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Thank you for your question. If your part-time job was for more than 10 hours per week then comprehensive sickness insurance is unlikely to be required and you therefore may qualify for Permanent Residence. There is currently a long processing time for Permanent Residence Cards, and many are being refused because they have not been filled in correctly, further delaying the amount of time it takes to receive one. Our Immigration Lawyers can assist you with filling out the form for a Permanent Residence Card, collating the necessary documents and submitting the application. This will ensure it is done correctly first time and you will therefore receive your PR Card as soon as possible.

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