I have lived in UK for four years (2011-2015) and during my stay I did MBA then Job as Accountant, then I returned to Pakistan, after one year stay in Pakistan I started job in Dubai as Business Manager in May 2016.

Now I am planning to apply for Tier1 entrepreneur visa from Dubai along with my younger brother as partner who is doing Mobile and laptop service/repair & sell business in Pakistan and We want to do same business in UK. We have funds of £ 200,000.00 in Bank to fulfill basic requirement for this category.

Can you please advise me what are the chances for us to succeed this application with above said business plan.

Most importantly what services you can offer in case preparation like full business plan and rest of documentation.

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Dear Sir, we have a specialist team at OTS Solicitors which advice and assist in the preparation of Tier 1 entrepreneur visas.  A member of the team shall be in touch very shortly to arrange a consultation with you. As part of the service we shall explain in full what services we offer. The factors of success can be based on a  number of aspects which we shall explain in detail. 

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