Hi there, I am an EEA national (The Netherlands) and have lived in the UK for nearly 16 years. Shortly after I moved here I received a caution, and I am wondering if I am legally obliged to disclose this on the Permanent Residence application form, as it was such a long time ago. If I do, could it affect the outcome? Many thanks for your help!

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Thank you for your question.

Your caution must be disclosed on the application form. It may have an effect on your application if it's not disclosed.  Someone from our office will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can help you.

Please note, this answer cannot be taken as a legal advice until we have your full instructions. The answer provided above is for information purposes only, if you would like to proceed to full legal advice and consultation with our Immigration Solicitors, please let us know your availability for an appointment by contact us on 0207 936 9960 or through our contact form.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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