I am a 16 y.o.Chinese national with an American Permanent Residency. Next month I will graduate from an American HS and have enrolled in a UK boarding school to do the IB (6th Form). I speak almost fluent English but to get a Tier 4 visa I need to meet an English language requirement. Will I need to be tested or is there a way around that? The main problem is time. If I am to be tested and get the results back I feel there won't be enough time to get my visa before school starts 1 Sept. I am far from SELT testing centers. Can I go to the UK on a tourist visa, start school, during school take the test and then convert to a Tier 4 visa? Thank you

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Thank you for your question. Because you are not an American national it is likely that you will have to meet the English language requirement. In most cases you cannot switch from a Visitor Visa to a student visa. It may be best to apply for the Tier 4 visa straight away.
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