I am completing 5 years of stay under Tier 2 (General) visa in March 2017. My current visa is due to expire mid June and my contract with employer is finishing end of May. My query is how does the UKVI interpret "forseeable" future as specified under required documents for ILR applications. My employer can only say that I am still needed for the job and contracted until end of May 2017.
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Thank you for your email. Since November 2015, migrants applying for ILR under a Tier 2 visa category must ask their Sponsors to certify in writing that they are still required for the Employment in question for the foreseeable future and that the salary payable will continue for the foreseeable future. This will affect people who have been issued a Redundancy notice, or as in your case, where the migrant has given notice of termination of Employment.

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