I am a non eu citizen married to a eu citizen from Cyprus. . We first married in Cyprus in 2008 where i worked, and i came to the UK in 2010 and applied for my residence permit, which was refuse on the basis that my husband was a jobseeker for 18 months only. With all stress due to the case and my husbands menthol and illhealth we got divorced but got back together after a few weeks. we remarried in 2016 and applied for my residence certificate which was refuse. my husband was working from 2015 till Jan 2017 and was made redundant. My husband has a chronic illness and colapses all the time.Our case is due in Dec at the Tribunal . Will my husband still be classed as a qualified person and would the case be successful. please let me know, many thanks.

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Dear Madam, whether your husband still remained to be a qualified person when your application was submitted depends on a number of factors which we cannot simply ascertain for the information which we have. However, an immigration advisor which specialises in EU immigration law from OTS Solicitors will be in touch shortly to discuss your query in more detail.    

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