I am writing you to assess my eligibility for British Citizenship. I was born in the UK on August 20th 1987 to an unmarried British Father and Barbadian mother. Currently, I live in Barbados and have lived here since 1989.

My case is unique somewhat complex because my father has passed away and his name is not on my birth certificate, however I am in contact with my adoptive paternal grandmother and aunt who are willing to support my Citizenship application (My father was adopted and he was a British citizen at the time of my birth). I am assuming this possesses some challenges for proof of paternity to satisfy for the Home Office?

Based on the above I would like to ascertain - Am I eligible for British Citizenship ?

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Many thanks for your question.

You were born in the UK to a British Father in 1987. This may mean that you are eligible for British Citizenship. You will of course be required to prove your relationship with your father. From the information provided, you may find this difficult.

Our Immigration Solicitors will contact you shortly to discuss your matter in more detail.

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