I have studied on Tier4 for Undergraduate & Graduate Degree in Msc Neuroscience for 4 years total. My Visa expiring on Jan 2017. I am in search of suitable job. As per Visa site of UK, since I studied in UK, RLMT is exempted for employer & my Employment is beyond their quota of Tier2 Employees. How do I get sponsor since many says that they would not sponsor for international student. In my case though I am international student studied in UK for 4 years, UKBA allowed exemption of RLMT which is contradicting my proposition to apply for such jobs. How do I find job sponsor in order to convert my Tier4 visa to Tier2 before End of Jan 2017? Some of the employer are to complete interview process after March or April 2017 to start by Sept 2017. Can I be eligible for above exemption.

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Thank you for your question.

A UK employer who holds a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence holder, (which entitles them to recruit workers from outside the EEA), may not have to conduct a RLMT if the migrant they wish to employ has leave in the UK and has, or was, last granted leave to enter or to stay in the UK under one of the following:

a) Tier 1 (Post Study work)

b) Tier 1 (Graduate entrepreneur)

c) International Graduates Scheme

d) The Science and Engineering Graduates scheme

e) or where they have or were last granted permission to stay in the UK as a Tier 4 migrant or a student and during their last grant of leave or a continuous period of leave that includes their last grant of leave they have passed and been awarded a UK recognised Bachelors or Masters Degree or have passed and been awarded a UK Postgraduate Certificate in Education or a Professional Graduate Diploma of Education or have finished a minimum of 12 months study towards a UK PhD.

(iv) High Earners – a RLMT does not need to be conducted where the total salary package for the job will be £153,500 or above.

(v) Academic leave – a RLMT does not need to be conducted if the employer is a higher education institution and were previously sponsoring a migrant who is returning to resume their post following a period of academic leave.

(vi) Supernumerary research positions – where the migrant has been issued a scientific research Award or Fellowship; and

(vii) Postgraduate doctor and dentists in specialty training

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