I just completed my studies, as an operating department practitioner, my current residents permit is expiring in six months, I was wondering if I could get any sponsor as I learnt there is currently shortage of health care professionals, what I studied is very similar to theatre nursing but we are call operating department practitioner(ODP). Can I get a sponsor or is there anything I can do?

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Thank you for your question.

You will be able to switch from your student visa to Tier 2 which is the work visa. There is a shortage occupation list which does include those jobs which are needed. You must have a confirmed offer of Employment with an employer who holds a valid Sponsor Licence and is willing to issue you with a Certificate of Sponsorship, you can find the list of sponsors online. You must also have savings to prove you can support yourself and this must have been held in your account for at least 90 days prior to your application. You must also prove your knowledge of English.

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