Im Polish my husband ( open court Divorce) he also Polish we came to UK in 2010. My husband was working from 2010 I was stay home mum. We separate from 2013 also from 2013 I start working full time year by year and Im still working. I have any chance to prove my 5 years in UK without his signature or passport? We do live in good relations. I was register in GP, voting, council and bank we hadjoin aaccount for year or two. Please help me Im not sure what to do apply for EEA(qp) or EEA(PR)

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Thank you for your question. To be eligible for Permanent Residence status in the UK, you need to have exercised your EU Treaty rights by working, studying, being self-employed or self-sufficient for five years. Some groups, such as those who are classified as self-sufficient need to have comprehensive medical insurance to qualify. Once you have worked for five years, you may be able to qualify for a Permanent Residence Card.
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