Me and my husband are both EU nationals. My husband works full time since October 2011. We have a child born in June 2016, but I'm staying home with her after the SMP as it is the most cost effective option, I also worked full time before the baby was born. Now I'm confused with the comprehensive sickness insurance. What is my status at the moment? Self sufficient or dependant? Should I have comprehensive sickness insurance at all? I also receive child benefit which gives me NI Class 3 credit. Does it mean I'm covered by that?

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Thank you for your question.
As you are a stay at home parent you are likely to be considered to be exercising your EU Treaty rights as a self-sufficient person. It may be best to take out CSI now to protect your status. If you have worked in the UK for five continuous years before you had your baby, you may still qualify for a Permanent Residence Card.
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