My husband has started Divorce proceedings against me. I can't believe what he has said about me in the Divorce petition. Can I defend myself as most of what he has said in the Divorce petition is a complete lie or vastly exaggerated just to put me in a bad light?

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Thank you for your enquiry.
It is possible to defend Divorce proceedings but there are strict time limits to put in a defence to a Divorce petition. You will therefore need to act quickly.
In relation to the Divorce proceedings your potential options are:
• defend the Divorce ;
• defend the petition and cross petition for Divorce - in other words issue a petition against your husband;
• Get your husband to amend his Divorce petition to remove the allegations that are not true or to rephrase paragraphs in the Divorce petition;
• Agree to a Divorce by filing the acknowledgement of service but in the document say that whilst you agree that the marriage has broken down; you do not agree with your husband's allegations and will defend them if he raises them in any future children or financial proceedings.
There are court-imposed time limits to defend Divorce proceedings and cross petition for Divorce or to complete and return the Divorce acknowledgement of service form. It is therefore important that you get expert legal advice on your options and the cost implications of each option.
As you do need expert Divorce advice we would ask you to call us on 0203 959 9123 to arrange an urgent appointment to discuss your Divorce options and to see how we can help you. 
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