My partner is on Tier 2 and we have lived together before I went to live with my grandmother. We now intend to get married and I would apply as his Tier 2 Dependant.
I came to UK in 2007 as a General Student and then extended student visa until 2013. I could not complete my degree as I fell sick and I applied for FLRO and that was refused until my appeals rights were exhausted in 2015.

my British grandmother who is elderly became frail and I applied as her carer in 2015. I successfully completed my degree by then. I applied for FLRO which is currently under appeal in First Tier tribunal. This is because permission to appeal was granted and my appeal was remitted to First Tier which again refused and I appealed last week and now waiting.

Can you please advise if I can apply here?

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Thank you for your enquiry.

We can assist you with a Tier 2 dependant visa; as discussed we will need to obtain your completed history in order to see what the best suitable option is for you in accordance with the immigration rules. Accordingly, we ask that you book a consultation with one of our team for this purpose.

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