We are a hospitality and food services corporation based out of Mumbai, India. Under our groups’ umbrella, we have an Indian cuisine focused venture/arm, Charcoal Concepts, under which we are looking to develop a new format for the British market .

We would like to explore ENTREPRENEURS VISA for our Director, Would it be okay if our director invests upto 40% in the company for an amount of 200K, and the balance is invested by the company. Our Director will be the ultimate owner of 50% of the company, so therefore he would have an indirect shareholding through that as well.

Please suggest any other requirements and advice way forward.

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry.

For Tier 1 entrepreneur visa it is normally permitted to invest the £200k funds by way of shares. However, as the entrepreneur rules are complex and its application depends on specific circumstances of each Applicant, in order for us to provide an advice we would need to obtain more detailed instructions on the circumstances of your case. We therefore recommend arranging an initial consultation with us allowing us to get the necessary factual information and then provide our advice.

One of our solicitors will contact you shortly.


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